Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I need to throw away my scale (after I lose 20lbs!)

I've never been one who was a scale watcher.  I've stayed in my lane, only flip flopping at + or - 5lbs for over 20 years.  During my pregnancy 10 years ago, I gained 30lbs and immediately dropped 20 of them right after I popped that bad boy out, while the last 10lb took about 9 months to drop.  I had to preface this post with that brief intro because I just stepped on the scale, after not doing that for at least a month, and if there was a point that read HELL NO, that's what the pointer would be directed. I normally don't shy away from just putting it all out there, but I won't even share what the scale read.

The past week I have noticed that the boobs have gotten a little bit fuller  I know my frame has started to look a bit fuller as well - especially in the core vicinity - but I thought it was a part of the monthly routine of bloating for one week.  Well, that week came and went and dammit if I'm not looking around wondering what the hell (I really want to say 'fuck') is going on.

Interestingly, before I got on the scale and got slapped in the face with the results, I'd decided that it was time for me to do a cleanse because I hadn't since the summer.  I'm just getting over being ridiculously sick (lightbulb moment: I ate a lot of bread during those 5 days I've been sick - dammit! Biscuits and tea, for days.  SHIT!!!!) That, not working out for 2 weeks, and the Chinese food the past 2 days has not helped.  OK. So I know what I have to do.  Will device a plan and post.

(BIG SIGH) Great! (insert sarcasm)

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