Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"When the lights go out...

...we're all the same color!"  I'm paraphrasing a line from an old episode of Martin where the guys were sitting around talking about interracial dating.  Yes, yes, I'm going to chime in on this whole "Black women should date white men because there aren't enough good, straight, non-incarcerated, tall, muscular, educated, home-owning, chivalrous, six-figure earning, funny, goal-oriented, summer home owning, six-pack abs having, strong black men out there."

So here it goes... ready?  Okay... Love who you fall in love with, and hopefully he will love you back in a way in which you could have never imagined.  (Notice the absence of adjectives that lean toward the superficial.  Also know that I'm not naive.  We all have physical preferences that we seek in a mate, but as I told a friend just yesterday, also allow yourself to be open to the possibilities) 

As a black woman who was involved with a white man, and had a child before this whole "movement"  I will say that yes, there were a whole lotta people who were not happy, (and don't even get me started on the shit I had to go through having every stranger question whether my white looking baby was actually my son), but when I met "he who shall not be named" I honestly didn't know what the hell he was, and you know what - I didn't care.  And that's what it's all about ladies.  If you meet your guy, be more concerned about what kind of "man" he is, and not what color he is.  You wouldn't want to hook up with a white man who all of a sudden proclaimed in every month's issue of GQ Magazine that "now I'm gonna date black women!"... right?

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