Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh what a day... what a day, what a day!

I had to quote Erykah Badu's "On and On" in my title because what a day it has been.  Actually, what a "2 weeks."  I lost my wallet, it delayed me submitting an application for an apartment that I really wanted, and of which I lost out on, the lock on my door broke and I ended up fixing it after 4 hours, I can't find a new apartment, and then this morning some butthead knocked my passenger side mirror OFF MY CAR.  I repeat OFF MY CAR!  I guess I should say it was nice of the culprit to put the mirror up on my car so no one would run over it, but the didn't even leave a note to say "my bad" or "I'll pay for it (or at least half of it)".  Basically, I'm feeling like Charlie Brown, on the ground wondering why everyone keeps kicking me.

There is the 'glass is half full' part of me that believes that all of these little bad things will lead to one big good thing.  We'll see.  I believe it, but at one point I also believed in the existence of an actual boogey-man, so, we'll see.

Anyway, thinking of future posts and I will attempt to broach a topic that I am in no way, shape or form an expert in: love, romantic love specifically.  Hey, Naomi Campbell can write a novel, I can write a blog post on about love.

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