Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Big Chop - 1 Month Later

Last month I was so disgusted with my ends that I started to give myself a trim - key word "started" - but ended up giving myself a cut.  I cut 3 inches - at least - off my hair and when I was done and looked in the mirror I was startled, and not in a good way.  But then I thought 'patience is key' when it comes to hair and since my wild, thick hair has a history of growing fast I calmed myself down and when I looked in the mirror, tried (hard) not to concentrate on the length.

I have always had super thick hair, and I always loved that.  There is something about big thick wild hair that I love.  It fits my face, my personality, everything.  When my mom made me get a perm when I was 11, it was because she just couldn't handle it anymore, I 'm guessing with the addition of having to do another girl's hair (my sister) and handle my 2 brothers.  Luckily I didn't grow up thinking my hair was bad.  I never wanted super straight hair, I just wanted to have a head full of curly, bushy hair (crazy, huh), and when I decided to go perm-free more than 12 years ago, it was one of the best decisions.  My sister also sports natural hair, as well as my niece, and their hair is so much stronger than if it were chemically treated (note that I am not hating on people with perms at all, and I have seen many women who rock it like those who rock their natural texture and I think it's all good).

So, here is a photo that shows the difference in my hair from May 17, 2010 - when I chopped off 3 inches (at least - I just couldn't stop) to June 24.

Right now I use Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner - I actually co-wash every couple of days and I don't remember the last time I used the shampoo because I want to go back to an all natural shampoo (I used to mix baking soda and water and use that as a shampoo, but I may start experimenting of including some essential oils.  I have also tried used the natural shampoo that my cousin makes from his Jewel of the Isles natural product line which includes essential oils like rosemary and neem).

I also use Alter Ego's deep conditioner and this is one of my favorite products.  It has peptides and all this other stuff (like garlic and minerals) and it really shows a different in the hair after first  usage.

I've been using raw shea butter and Pantene's moisturzing cream like I did a couple of years ago (even though I have some homemade butter cream, some Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, Garnier Fructise's Soft Curl Cream, and Kinky-Curly's Knot Today).  There items always served me well for braid and twist outs, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I'm also going for the 'less is more' approach, especially considering the Summer heat and humidity.

On my scalp I use a mixture of essential oils (including rosemary, tea tree, sweet almond, coconut, jojoba and vegetable glycerin) and I also have a separate mixture that I store in the fridge that include Aloe juice.  I'm trying to remember to oil my scalp at least every other day, and I am putting raw shea butter on my end (just a little bit) every night before I go off into dreamland!

I personally wanted to transform a bit this year and it's been a while since I wore my hair long, so that is my goal - to wear it long, big and wild - and I think I am well on my way!

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