Monday, April 4, 2011

Diet Status

... I just had to write a little something in the middle of the day to express what I'm feeling right about now.  I am STARVING!

This is the second day of my 2-week (or more) Breakfast shake, lunch, dinner shake routine, and I swear if Wilbur from Charlotte's web walked in my path right now I would grab some barbecue sauce and make it happen!

I had my shake this morning, and snacked on carrots and a banana (I'm kind mad at bananas right now, lol).  Had some lemon tea, and water, and the stomach pains had been hitting like labor pains for over an hour!  But alas, I have in front of me my chicken gyro (chicken on pita with lettuce and cucumber sauce) and I am going to relish this MF like it's the last supper!  I also got some chips (I know, I already admitted it as my weakness, but at least they're tomato and basil) and some popcorn (just in case shyt happens), so I'm thinking I can make it without snapping a pencil or someone's head!.  BUT I am determined to try this out and see what happens.  Pray for me.  And them pray some more!

Edited to say: I ate my chicken gyro... and I feel like I'm dying!  The gut is making noises like a dog that was starving and still mad even though I finally fed it.  I need to lay down on the dirty office floor now!  I need Day 3 to be better.  For the love of all that is holy!  How is the universe gonna punish a sister for going full throttle on the road to better heath?  Damn!

P.S. I don't even want the chips or the damn popcorn anymore! Ouch!

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