Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blow out look

I don't blow out my 'do often, but in the midst of going through some trying times I wanted a different look. I achieved this look  by washing and conditioning (I don't recall deep conditioning. I was thinking at the time that I wouldn't keep this look for more than 3 days max), blow drying with a comb attachment, and flat ironing on medium heat in pretty large sections.

Here's a recap of my journey from May 2010-2011:

And here's the recent blow out.

Side note: my skin is looking really good and you wouldn't believe what did it - niacin, aspirin and water. Stay tuned for a post on that adventure!

Back to the hair: Well, I liked the look. And I kept it for more than a week. With the change in weather, I may opt to wear a blow out look more often this winter because I am having a hell of a time keeping my 'do moisturized (even worse than the summer time).

For now I will continue to wear 'do like this top bun (or my triple bun since my hair is so thick) - it's not a blow out, but a stretched dry method simply because it takes days for my thick hair to air dry.

Side note: I started using Black Castor Oil, and I feel like it actually dries my hair out.

I would give it away if I wasn't so afraid of subjecting someone to the results I've experienced. I will be going back to my regular castor oil as soon as possible.

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