Sunday, July 8, 2012

Short Post Chronicles

It's hot, and so I will use that as my excuse to vent.

I'm 37 years old. I have a child, I thankfully work a job, I have goals that I am actively working on achieving, and I have a good heart.

Don't ask me if my hair is real. Over and over again - even if you're joking. I'm 37, not 13 in middle school with time to be teased by boys who may or may not like me.

Also, as I learn more and more about the world of business as I embark on being a business owner myself, to all the bosses/ supervisors out there - don't talk down to your subordinate when they politely inform you that you are in fact wrong. Is this about the business or your ego? Think about that when you're lecturing someone while the whole floor hears you; realize that people stop respecting you as a result of your lack of professionalism, which is why I get more favors from folks than you do, despite your title.

Men, when a woman says 'don't touch me,' she (me) means it. And if you think you won't get hit when you disobey that directive, then she (me) will just have to hit you harder in order for the message to sink in.  I may be considered a bit bougie to be from the Bronx, BUT I am still from the Bronx - just saying.

I write all of this just to impact random specs of wisdom (vent) as a result of the heat getting to me. Peace!

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